Bad Credit Personal Loans up to $5000

Do you need $5000 today? We offer you a loan with no credit check or proof of income, and this loan can be paid off over the course of 120 months. The best interest rates on the market!

A personal loan can be good if you want to make a big purchase or if you want to consolidate your debt and bills. Our private personal loans have a lower interest rate than credit cards.

Your personal loan with us will also improve your credit score. If you make your payments on time, you can rebuild your credit just by reimbursing your $5000 loan.

General Conditions of a $5000 cash advance

Do you need a quick $5000 money loan? Cash advances from $500 to $5000 are available online at the bottom of the page. Interest rates for cash advances can be between $5 and $10 for every $100 borrowed. A cash advance loan can be reimbursed in a period of time of 6 months to 120 months (10 years). If you need more time to reimburse the amount borrowed, please specify that on your application.

$5000 Quick Loan Offer With No Credit Check

Offer 1 personal $5000 loan over the course of 6 months
6 monthly payments of $850 for a total of $5100

Offer 2 personal $5000 loan over the course of (1 year) 12 months
12 payments of $430 for a total of $5160

Offer 3 personal $5000 loan over the course of (2 years) 24 months
24 monthly payments of $225 for a total of $5400

Offer 4 personal $5000 loan over the course of (3 years) 36 months
36 monthly payments of $153 for a total of $5520

Offer 5 personal $5000 loan over the course of (4 years) 48 months
48 monthly payments of $118 for a total of $5688

Quick personal $5000 loan over the course of 5 years (60 months)
60 monthly payments of $96 for a total of $5760

To access the form, open the link below.

Note that you can choose an amount up to $5000 in this form.

38 thoughts on “Bad Credit Personal Loans up to $5000”

    1. Debt consolidation with just one monthly payment over a period of 10 years. Please fill out the application form.

  1. Hello, I am looking for a $5000.00 loan. I want to adjust my loans and get up to date on my bills and I have to make an important purchase. Thank you for wanting to help me! I have good income to ensure repayment.

    1. Could you give me more information on your application, the reason for the loan in order for me to send you the right form.

  2. Hi I am looking for a $6000 loan to pay off bills that I’ve gotten behind on . I’m looking at a 2 year repayment plan.

  3. I need a $4500 loan to pay off a few high interest loans that I had to take out to help out my parents. They have been in and out of hospital after an accident and did not have medical insurance. I have helped them too much I’m afraid because now I am in a mess. My credit isn’t very good and I really need help. Please help me get funded for this amount. I am a school teacher and have been for 14 years, so I have a steady income and can make payments.

  4. Hi, I am looking for a 5000 loan for consolidation. I am looking for a 6 month to 12 month term. I am employed full time on a salary of £ 35000.00. Currently my score is low due to some short term borrowing due to my wife being out of work and having had an operation.

  5. I need a personal loan for debt consolidation and to get some major dental work done. I have poor credit but desperately need to consolidate 2 accounts and begin my dental work that is causing havoc with my heart. Im employed full time. Please someone please help fund me for $5000 – $6000 loan

  6. I’m looking for a $5000-$8000 loan to consolidate my debt & pay off credit cards, and help pay monthly bills until I find a new job, but don’t have good credit. A longer repayment plan would be ideal. Can you help me?

  7. I’m in need of a 4 yr $5000 personal loan i have steady weekly income if you could please help me get the extra funds I desperately need.

  8. I am in need of a $5000 loan for either 24 or 36 months. I have no dental insurance and am in need of dental work immediately. I am a retired postal worker and have ss disability so have steady income to repay the loan.

  9. Hello! I need at least 5000.00 .
    I have been approved for disability tax credit for 10th years refund and cop disability but still processing.I have proof of my disability tax credit being approved but taking so long.
    I am receiving cpp retirement and pension from work place.
    Ola let me know if you can help me.thank you

  10. Hello I really need a $5000-$6000 loan to consolidate credit cards and payoff a payday loan. I was on maternity leave and got behind on my payments since I didn’t receive income for two months. My credit score dropped because of those late payments significantly and now I can’t get approved for a loan anywhere because of my very poor score. I am very desperate to get a loan because I’ve been paying very high interest rates because of the payday loans and can’t get current on my other payments. I would like to get a personal loan to consolidate my debt and just pay one loan with you guys. I assure you even though my score dropped this couple of months because of maternity leave I am very responsible with my payments and hadn’t been behind before that. I have a bachelor in Business Administration and could assure you I could afford paying your loan if approved monthly. Will you help?

  11. I need a loan for $5000 to pay some debt off. My credit is extremely less than perfect. I am a teacher and have been for 10 years now. How can you assist?

  12. Need a $5000 loan asap for debt consolidation. Repayment 60 months My husband recently passed away just need to get out the hole. I am able to verify income and employment

  13. I need assistance. Im seeking a personal loan of $5000. I have recently moved to start my life over in a new location. I have lost a great deal but i am beginning to restore what I’ve lost. I just need a boost. I have an offer of a position that can double my income but i need transportation. With this final boost, i will be able to double my income and will be able to restore my life and begin flourishing. I agree to pay the loan back at $225 per month. Please I’m doing as much and everything that i can to rebuild my life without a vehicle. With a vehicle, i will get this new job and my life can be fully restored. I’ve begged and pleaded to everyone that i can and continue to hit every brickwell. Please i beg again for help this one last time

  14. Hi,

    I am in need of a short term loan for $5000 with a repayment of 48 months. I am currently out of work due to disability and waiting to qualify for long term disability. I really need the SS to get me through. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated.


  15. Hello I have filled out an application for a $5000 debt consolidation loan yesterday and I would like to know if you have approved my application?

    1. Hello Mrs. Brow, we have received your application, sorry for the delay, I approved your application for $5000 debt consolidation, I emailed the contract to you this morning.

  16. Where do I apply to get a loan for 5000. Hoping to try to get the loan by tomorrow I’m in over my neck and need to pay my bills asap

  17. I am in need of a 5000 dollar loan to make repairs on my car. As a senior citizen who is disabled and taking care of my husband, an amputee, I need to be able to use the car to run errands and transport my husband.

  18. Hello. Im searching for a loan around 5000 or so to help consolidate and pay off a few bills. Im steadily employed over the last 4 years and make decent money. Can you help me? Thank you very much!

    1. Hello Joe. We will very probably be able to help you. Complete our online form and will will study your request. Have a nice day!

      1. I would like to borrow $5000 and pay the 48 months installment of $96.00. The money will be used to pay some household bills and auto repair. Hope that I will be able to get approved so that I will be able to pay some personal obligations as well. Thank you!

  19. I am desperately looking for a loan to consolidate my debt. I am on the brink of having my car repossessed. I am looking for a $5000 loan to get me back on track. I would like to do the last option @ $96 a month for 5 years. You’re help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  20. Hi private lenders im 63 and I need your help desperately. I’m disabled and right now im homeless. In January 2013 I went into the hospital to have surgery for the second time on my shoulder. After being home for a week I became very sick. I got a blood parasite. To not waste a lot of your time with details it’s been almost 5years now and after seeing many doctors in going to every hospital in Edmonton were I live the doctors are still giving me the runaround. I live on 4 pensions plus im getting ready to return to work after a work injury almost 5 years ago and yes this is why I was in the hospital having surgery that I caught this blood infection. I’ve been paying $50 every time out of my pocket for over the counter products that get me some relief but this is not a cure and im still being bitten by these parasites. I’m going to another province to see a doctor who specializes with this but I can’t afford to do anything with out the money that I hope you are going to lend me. Because I have been off work for the past 5 years my bills are behind and my credit has been affected. Now I’ve had to put all of my belongings into storage and I have no home. Anyway I think you can see just how desperate iam for years help. I make big money when I work and I do have these 4pensions but this illnesses has cost me everything. Please help me asap as im very desperate. As soon as I get a cure I’m going to hire a lawyer and hopefully get my life back. I’ve asking you for $5000 over 24 months .
    Thank you

  21. I am looking to get a loan to pay off some bills, get a vehicle and relocate to the city. I have recently accepted a job offer. I have already started working remotely from home now but am required to move to the city in the next couple months. In order to do that I need to clear up a few outstanding bills and purchase a vehicle and get it on the road. I am requesting a $5000 loan over a period of 4 years.

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