We offer serious and quick money loans services. Borrow from $500 to $20 000 immediately! Our online loan applications do not require proof of income.

We understand that there can be times in the year in which you need extra money because your salary is not enough to cover all of the costs and bills that always seem to arrive quicker than we would like. Holiday season, back to school, these are the problematic times of year for many families. DON’T WORRY! Our credit brokers are here to help you get through the hardest times.

Why choose a personal loan with privatelendersloans.com?

A team of credit brokers with experience.

Our team of private lenders in US and Canada counts on the expertise of employees who have been specializing in getting you out of debt for over 20 years.

Online loans no credit check instant approval

Are you looking for a fast and private personal loan ? Do you have a bad credit score and because of that have difficultly finding a private lender who will quickly lend you money? Here, thanks to our simple online application for a personal express loan, you can be approved in less than an hour. And if you instantly respond to our notice of approval by sending us the signed contract, you can receive the amount borrowed on the same day!

At privatelendersloans.com, no application is rejected. In fact, we accept people with a bad credit score, people who are taking a leave of absence from work, people receiving social assistance, retired people, and people on sick leave. So, your financial situation doesn’t really matter, our lenders can help you clean up your financial situation thanks to a loan that is tailored to your needs. Our loans require no fees or guarantees.

Our company offers you a chance to rely on the skill and experience of a committed team of lenders willing to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will know how to find the best solution to your problems, and will apply it in the most advantageous way possible, respecting your situation and ability to repay the loan.

Solutions to getting out of debt for people with bad credit scores or for the unemployed.

  • Debt Consolidation (taxes, credit cards, or bills)
  • Advance Pay or Payroll Advance
  • Private Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Refinancing (up to 40 years)
  • 2nd Chance Credit Car Loan
  • No credit check long term loans
  • Poor credit installment loans online/li>

Long term loans for bad credit instant decision

Once you have determined the amount of money that you wish to borrow, all you will have to do is select the amount and fill out the online loan application form. You will find all of the instructions below.


easy approval installment loans for bad credit

Quick personal loansEven if you have a very bad credit score, know that all applications are taken into consideration under the same conditions. You don’t have to pay any fees.

If you have a bad credit score, you probably think that it’s impossible to get a personal loan! DON’T WORRY! Whether it be for urgent car repairs, unexpected medical bills, home improvement, or even for buying a house, we are willing to help you.

Everyone at some point or another finds themselves needing extra money, and borrowing from your credit card company is certainly not the wise choice, notably because of the very high interest rates required to pay off the debt. Whether you need to make a big purchase or improve your house, your monetary problems, short or long term, can be very easily resolved thanks to a quick personal loan offered through our website.

Privatelendersloans.com is an amazing online resource that provides an instant solution to your urgent financial difficulties. Of course, in an ideal world, it would be preferable to have total control over your finances and to always be ready to confront unforeseen purchases. But being able to count on a good supply of money and not have to resort to applying for a personal online loan is not possible for everyone, and unfortunately it is impossible to foresee unexpected purchases.

The best solution, if you are seeking a quick loan, is therefore to do business with our company, which will do everything in its power to help you manage your spending, and all this without having to pass through long and arduous bank processes. All you have to do is fill out the online application form on our website and get the money that you need in under 24 hours!

Bad credit installment loans up to 6 months

Our firm is ranked one of the most trusted representatives in the online loan industry that offers loans with no guarantees to people with bad credit scores. We work with a vast network of direct lenders who provide different options to satisfy the needs of all loan applications in our website. Through our network, we make sure that you enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • An easy and secure application
  • A quick process of approval
  • No interest
  • Electronic money transfers
  • Simple requirements
  • Many satisfied clients

Privatelendersloans.com is not a company that follows the usual credit score guidelines, which means that we take care of each of our clients and we approve loans for people with bad credit scores. We know how hard it is to keep a perfect credit score, especially if you are going through a hard time. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply for a loan, even if you have a bad file!

All renewals are done by email, and we offer a unique online credit check service with immediate response. Many private lenders offer credit for a period of 3 to 12 months, which is a very short repayment plan and they always need proof or your income and run credit checks to make sure that you will pay off your debt. That’s why we are different from others in the business and that’s also why we can give you an immediate answer when you apply for online credit.

Responsible Borrowing

Are you vigilant and responsible? We offer you a solution to getting rid of your debts quickly as you go through difficult times. Even if we have better interest rates than local banks, stay responsible! These loans should only be applied for when you have no other solution to your financial problems. A private loan can be a good solution for you. However, filling out several online credit applications could be very harmful to you and cause big financial problems because of an impossible debt to bear.

20 Replies to “Quick money loan with no credit check”

    1. I can apply the terms for a remodeling and renovation loan for an amount of $2000 with no guarantee over a period of 60 months or offer you this loan with a guarantee over a period of 10 years (120 months). I will send you more information by email.

    1. I have just received a new offer for you,

      $5 000 loan reimbursable over 5 years
      Opening costs: $100
      60 monthly payments of $96 for a total of $5760 + 100 = $5860

      If you are still interested, you have to finalize your application on our page for $5 000 loans

  1. Hello, I am on leave from work, but I start up again in 2 weeks, I need a personal loan to pay my bills, phone, cable, water, etc.. Can I apply?

    1. You can apply with us. We accept:

      People with no jobs accepted.
      People with low income accepted.
      Retired people accepted.
      Unemployed people accepted.
      Work accident or people on sick leave accepted.
      People prohibited from having a bank account accepted.
      Handicapped people accepted.
      People who live alone accepted.

      Note that for an amount of $10 000 or more we may ask for additional documents.

  2. I need an $8000 loan to reimburse over the course of 10 years, I wen to the $8000 page but the only application form that I saw was for $1000, I filled out the form by writing in that I need $8000, have I been approved?

    1. I have received your application form, Mrs. Ono, and I approved it. I will send you your contract this afternoon. Thank you.

  3. Hello. The company where I worked shut down and I still haven’t found anything else, my husband is on sick leave, which means that our income has largely decreased. We will need a personal $5000 loan to get out of this. Thank you.

    1. It would be our pleasure to help you. All you have to do is fill out the application form and send it in to us. Thank you.

  4. Hello I will need a 5000 personal loan father who needs a little help, I have a stable job in construction and get paid 29.40/hr, stable job direct deposit every week good references if needed.

    1. Hello Robt, for a $5 000 amount I will need some more information concerning your assets, please fill out the application form on our page.

  5. I need a quick money loan to pay off my debt, credit card, bills, tickets, etc….. I have applied for several online private loans and have been rejected every time. I am taking a chance with you, I need $5000 to pay back over the course of 5 or 10 years (if possible), I have had a stable job for the past 5 years but I have a bad credit score because I had money problems last year. I am waiting to hear back from you.

    1. Hello Mr. Landry. I understand your situation, we are specialists in bad credit money loans. I received your personal information and am happy to tell you that you have been approved for your loan. I have sent you the contract for a loan between individuals and approved your repayment period at 10 years.

      We would appreciate you sending us the signed contract by 4pm so that we can transfer the funds tomorrow.

  6. I need an $8000 loan to settle a tax debt and a welcome tax
    I have a good salary and have had a stable job for the past 15 years, so if you could help me

    1. Hello Jose, We can help you, we offer a personal loan solution with or without guarantee, I can offer you a debt consolidation loan for an amount of $8000 to be repaid over the course of 120 months (10 years). Please, fill out the application form mentioning the 120 months in the space it’s asked. Once I receive the application, I will get in touch with you by email.

    1. Congratulations Mrs. Whitton, your debt consolidation loan has been approved, I have just sent you your username and password. Please sign in so that you can electronically sign your contract.

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